Refreshing Homemade Lemonade


What do you do when you have lemons?  You make lemonade of course!

It’s lemon season at the moment.  They are abundant on trees.  I’m proud to own a lemon tree and it bore fruit for the first time this year. Since it’s my tree’s first year fruiting, it only had 6 lemons.  I managed to use them to bake a lemon meringue cake (of which, I am hoping to blog very soon).

I got my hands on some cheap lemons and I knew what I wanted to do with them.  I wanted to make lemonade.  I found a recipe by the Hairy Bikers and it was easy and quick.  I keep the lemon syrup in the fridge and make the lemonade when needed (or requested).



Makes a jug full.

  • 8 medium sized lemons
  • 1.2kg white sugar
  • 75g citric acid
  1. Slice the lemons thinly, removing any pips and place in a large heatproof bowl
  2. Add the citric acid and the sugar
  3. Pour 700ml of boiling water
  4. Leave to cool then sieve into a jug
  5. To serve, dilute with water or soda water.  Serve with ice and some fresh lemon slices


Bon Appetite,


Endeavour beer 2012 Growers Ale. A Review.

I have to admit, I am not a big beer drinker but when I was offered to try this new craft beer, how can I say no?

Endeavour beer is the baby of 3 blokes who love beer and are all about creating beers from the ground up, using the freshest barley and hops. They have recently released their 2012 Growers Ale. It's a craft beer made in Australia made for the Australian summer. It's made with all Australian Galaxy and Southern Saaz hops making it 100% Aussie.

It is perfect for a summer's day. I found it refreshing, smooth and light. As a person that doesn't drink too much beer, this went down really well on a warm Summer's evening and found myself reaching into the fridge for another.

I also wanted to try it with a meal. Hubby suggested an Asian inspired meal so I made fried rice and stir fried beef and vegetables. The beer complimented the flavours of dinner and helped freshen and lighten the meal a little.

So if you're looking for something light and refreshing to quench your thirst or a drink to go down well with your dinner, I think this Endeavour beer Growers ale is perfect for you. I know I will keep a 6 pack in my fridge.

I recieved product samples courtesy of Trish Nicol Agency and Endeavour beer

Bon Appetite,