>Hambuger Cupcakes for the Birthday Boy


This weekend was mine and my little Man’s Birthday weekend.  It was a weekend full of eating and family.  As mentioned in preivious posts, my son and I share the same birthday.  His birthday this year is a milestone.  He turned 1.  So most of my focus was on his birthday.  Anyway, who wants to celebrate turning *cough* thirty something *cough*

I decided to make Hamburger cupcakes for him.  I saw these more than a year ago and have been wanting to me them since.  I made them last week for my nephew/Godson.  You can see pics here.  Hubby suggested that I make them again for Thomas this week.

I made it easy on myself and used cake mixes and pre-made fondant icing.  I used orange flavoured cake for the buns, brownies for the meat pattie, butter icing coloured green for the lettuce and strawberry jam for the tomato sauce.  By all means, make your cake from scratch along with the icing but the assembling the “hamburger” was the enjoyable part.
It was  fun to make but the best part was seeing people’s faces when the cupcakes were revealed.  I made a larger one for my son’s first taste of cake.  He managed to eat most of it.  It was joy to watch.
Happy 1st Birthday Thomas!

Happy Easter 2010!

This year, Easter was quite a hectic long weekend.  I had so many plans of baking and cooking up a storm but unfortunately, time got the better of me and didn’t end up doing anything I had planned.

Good Friday was spent at my Mother-in-laws for lunch.  Gourmet fish and chips was on the menu.  It was light and delicious.

The children had their annual Easter Egg Hunt in my Mother-in-law’s backyard
Thomas found one though he is still too young for chocolate
Deanna managed to find a basket full.
It has lately been tradition to spend the evening of Good Friday at the Botanical Gardens with my family.  However, my brother, @MrEd2U and family spent the long weekend at Rosebud.  So we took my parents out to Williamstown for a walk and dinner.
Deanna on her scooter
Thomas loved being on the swing

We had dinner at Williamstown Mussels.  My brother raves about this place  so we wanted to try it out for ourselves.  When we got there, there was only one person in front of us and we were told the wait will be 15 minutes.  I thought the wait wasn’t too bad.  After ordering, the queue became a lot longer.  In fact, it was out the door.  I bet the wait would have been at least 30 minutes at that point.  My verdict?  We enjoyed the fisherman’s basket and Hubby enjoyed his “Porky Burger”  The fish was fresh and the batter was light and crispy.

Easter Sunday was spent at Fawkner Park in South Yarra, celebrating our Nando’s store’s 3rd Birthday.  We also celebrated a great year in 2009 where our store is ranked 3rd in Victoria.  The staff that attended were treated to tasty make-your-own sandwiches and a Black Forest Birthday Cake.  Entertainment came in the form of one of the staff playing his guitar and another staff singing, making words up as he went along.  It was quite entertaining.
After lunch, we played a game of soccer.  We were so tired after that so we decided to just take it easy  the rest of the afternoon.  
On Easter Monday, we took the children to the Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne where Guilfoyle’s Volcano was opened  to the public.  It was originally built in 1876 and stored water for use in the Botanical Gardens but has been closed for  60 years.
As you can see, the long weekend was full of activity.  I vow to bake and cook up the storm that I wanted to, next year… hopefully.
Chickie Eggs inspried by JustJennRecipes.com

Bon Appetite,