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Activated Carbon
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Activated Carbon
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Black formless granular activated carbon with large specific surface area, pore structure developed, adsorption ability, high mechanical strength, easy regeneration and so on. 

Activated carbon is a very widely used industrial sorbent, it is the use of charcoal, a variety of shell and high-quality coal as raw material by physical and chemical methods on the raw material crushing, sieving, catalyst activation, rinsing, drying and screening made a series of manufacturing processes. Carbon since 1900 inception, its application process which has experienced two major events, one in the 20th century, World War I was 20 years for the manufacture of gas masks; two 40's in the 20th century, hundreds of water plant with activated carbon deodorization. Activated carbon adsorption stems from its unique molecular structure, there are many within the pores of activated carbon, activated carbon per gram of internal porosity can be achieved if the shop expand to 500 to 1,700 square meters, It is the unique internal structure, making activated carbon with excellent adsorption capacity, activated carbon is widely used, such as: sugar decolorization, military, gas masks, cigarette filters, air purifiers, water plant, water treatment, water purification, detoxification, sober up, management of radioactive metal pollution, reduce pesticide residues in soil , conditioning the soil properties, management of indoor formaldehyde, fresh vegetables, and so on.

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