Figsellers Warrnambool

Today in between our sightseeing and playing mini golf with Hubby and Little One in Warrnambool, we managed to eat.

We found Figsellers Cafe on Liebig street. I did my homework before leaving for our holiday on good places to eat and I found this cafe. What got me interested was their all day breakfast menu. However, when we got there, I decided to order something from their specials board instead. I had a Tandoori chicken roll served with chips, salad and tzatziki. To be honest, I thought it was going to be Tandoori in a bread roll but this turned out better. It’s like an indian version of a sausage roll.

Hubby just felt like a sandwich so he ordered a Turkey and bacon Focaccia. The sandwich had thick slices of roast turkey, crispy bacon, cheese, cranberry mayonaise, lettuce and tomato.

Bon appetite



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