Back to my roots challenge #7

Rice Porridge ( Lugaw)

This dish definitely brings back memories. I haven’t had this since I was little girl. Lugaw (pronounced loo-gao) is similar to the Chinese congee but I have to say a lot more flavourful.

It’s basically glutionous rice cooked in chicken stock ( a lot of it) till the rice is cooked through. For the real homely smell and flavour, thinly sliced ginger, minced garlic and chopped onions are first sautéed in oil before adding the rice. If you want it to have more substance, you can add chicken thigh pieces. In fact, almost anything can go into this dish. My mum used to put tripe in it but I’ve kept it out of mine as I’m not a fan.

I did take a picture of my lugaw but the photo did not do it justice.

Bon Appetite



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