2008 Holiday Part 1 – Tonbridge

I’ve finally got around to posting some of the pics from our month-long Holiday. You can see more on the Little one’s site, starting from the last day here.

After a 9 hour flight from Melbourne to Hong Kong and then a 13 hour flight from HK to London we drove to Maidstone to spend some time with hubby’s Nan. That was our base for a week making it easy to get to London and our first stop of the holiday, Tonbridge, hubby’s old home town.

After our stay at Maidstone we drove along the south-west along the coast to the New Forest where we spent a few nights. From there we drove to Bodmin, Cornwall for a few more nights, and then to Cheltenham via Bath and Cheddar. After a trip to Wales it was on to Blackpool via Manchester & Liverpool. We then drove up to Edinburgh for a night, and then back down to Scarborugh for a night, until finally returning to Maidstone for another week.

We went to Paris for the day before a 4 night stop at Hong Kong and some amazing food & shopping. But lets not get too far ahead of ourselves. Back to the beginning of our trip, Tonbridge…

Tonbridge Castle
Tonbridge High Street

We found this Bakery called Baker’s Oven.

It brought sweet memories back to Hubby as he used to have the Swiss finger when he lived here. So that’s what he had. I went for the Caramel doughnut. It wasn’t really a doughnut as it was more shaped like a finger. None-the-less, it was delicious. (From what I can tell, since the Little One had most of it)

Bon Appetite,



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