Quick side dishes for an Indian Feast.


A couple of weeks ago was Hubby’s birthday.  We went out for his birthday dinner at Newmarket Hotel in St.Kilda.  You can read about it here.

We also had his family over for dinner.  Hubby asked his mum to make his favourite chicken curry, which of course, she obliged.

I decided to add a couple of quick side dishes to add to the feast.  A quick carrot salad and a quick tangy lemon pickle.  These dishes were inspired from Jamie Oliver’s 30 minute meals.

Tangy lemon pickle
1.  Cut 1 lemon into 8 and remove seeds, then slice.
2.  In a pan add 1 tbs olive oil.  Add 1 tsp black mustard seeds (I used yellow mustard seeds as I didn’t have any black ones), crumble a little dried chilli, add chopped fresh chilli, and 1 tsp tumeric
3.  Add the lemon and cook for 10 – 15 seconds.  Mix.
4.  Cool down to room temperature to serve

Carrot Salad
1.  Grate 4-6 carrots and place in a large bowl
2.  Add chopped coriander, grated ginger and 1 chopped chilli.  Mix together.
3.  Add salt and squeeze half a lemon and 3 tbs of olive oil.
4.  Toss.  It can be served with roasted almonds sprinkled on top.
My Mother-in-law’s chicken curry.

Naan, reheated in the toaster.

Tumeric rice.
Needless to say, Hubby (and the rest of the family) thoroughly enjoyed the Indian feast.
Bon Appetite,

5 thoughts on “Quick side dishes for an Indian Feast.

  1. >Delicious! Indian food is one of our fave at home, in particular Butter Chicken with Spinach and Cheese Naan.Thanks for showing how you reheat your naan…I will try this too=)

  2. Side dishes such as salad, potatoes and bread are commonly used with main courses throughout many countries of the western world. New side orders introduced within the past decade, such as rice and couscous, have grown to be quite popular throughout Europe, especially at formal occasions (with couscous appearing more commonly at dinner parties introduced by many Middle Eastern attributes).”

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