A Sweet Mother’s Day Breakfast at Luxbite

I must be the last food blogger to try out Luxbite.  I have heard many good things about Luxbite and have been wanting to go for a long time.  Hubby finally took me on Mother’s day weekend.  To be honest, the decision to take me was due to the reason pictured below.


They recently started serving breakfast and this dish was the special for the Mother’s day weekend. It is called Sweet Benedict.  It consisted of donuts, bacon, burnt butter maple dressing and white chocolate hollandaise.  It was also dotted with fresh kiwi and decorated with a chocolate heart.

When we ordered it, we were not expecting it to look this beautiful.  It was hard to eat it because we didn’t want to destroy the look of the dish.  However, it only took a few seconds of that thought before we plunged right in.

The donut was crunchy and delightful.  The saltiness of the bacon worked really well with the sweetness of the rest of the dish. The fresh kiwi gave it the freshness it needed.  Personally, the best part of the dish was the pork crackling and lemon crumbs.  This added a savoury element to the dish.   All in all, this weekend special was delicious and I hope this makes it back onto the menu on a regular basis.

We also ordered the waffles.  The texture was more bready than the usual skinny waffles you would normally get and together with the spices, it had a  more substantial feel and made it moorish.  The Heilala Vanilla roasted plums were sweet and tangy at the same time. Deanna happily ate the waffles with lashings of the whipped honey butter.

Now, how can I write about Luxbite and not mention their macarons.  They are much talked about. They have many unique flavours.  I wanted to try them all but I let Deanna choose what she wanted to eat.  So she chose watermelon and yoghurt, strawberry, passion fruit and the chocolate sprinkles.


I loved my first experience at Luxbite and I will happily go back again.  In fact, I am planing to going back again real soon.  After all, I have to try every macaron and cake they offer, don’t I?

LuxBite on Urbanspoon

38 Toorak Rd
South Yarra

Bon Appetite,


4 thoughts on “A Sweet Mother’s Day Breakfast at Luxbite

  1. >Last Melbourne food blogger, you perhaps mean – we do exist elsewhere too, y'know 😛 Though sometimes I wonder why any of us live elsewhere, when it means missing out on such amazingful dishes as that sweet benedict creation! *envy*P.s. Happy Mother's Day!!

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