Launch of Movenpick at Westfield Doncaster

Movenpick has opened up a store in Melbourne, to the delight of many Melbournians.

Michele from Iron Chef Shellie was invited to the launch and I was lucky enough to be her plus one. I accepted eagerly as I’ve heard a lot of good things about their ice cream.

At the launch, the guests were entertained by a live band and we were offered canapés, sparkling wines and of course, ice cream. The canapés were delicious but I was there for the ice cream. After the formalities of introducing the franchisee, Pier Lai and the Swiss chef, ice cream was served.

The new Movenpick boutique in Westfield Doncaster is located in the middle of the shopping center. It is the first store to be opened in a shopping centre complex.   It looks sleek and easily accessible and has plush lounges where customers can relax after a long, hard day of shopping. The Ice cream display case is full of delicious flavors of ice cream that is made and imported from Switzerland.  Made from only the finest ingredients in the world and there are no artificial flavourings or colours.

They now also serve desserts. In fact the doncaster store is the only store to offer these delectable desserts. If it is success, which I am sure it will be, the dessert line will be launched into stores across the country

I had the opportunity to speak with the franchisee, Pier, who also has another store in South Bank, Brisbane.  He strongly believes in the quality of the products his stores sells and is dedicated to providing great customer service. Pier also mentioned that he is a lover of all arts.  He proved this when he sang a song for us.

I will definitely be back as a customer to try all those gorgeous sounding ice cream flavours and dessert.

Movenpick Doncaster is located on the Ground Floor

Kiosk, KG 05

Westfield Doncaster

619 Doncaster Road

You can follow Movenpick Doncaster on Facebook here.


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