Lindt Chocolate Cafe, Chapel Street South Yarra.

A few weeks ago, Lindt opened its third Melbourne chocolate cafe, this one on Chapel street, South Yarra.

The cafe opened to much excitement of chocolate lovers. Located in the heart of Chapel street, chocolate lovers can enjoy Lindt’s finest quality chocolate after a hard day’s shopping along the world famous shopping high street.

Image source: Lindt Australia

The Lindt cafes showcase their finest quality chocolates and its versatility and offers a wide range of chocolate based products like mousse filled chocolate blocks and truffles. Hot chocolates and ice creams are also on offer.

The official launch event was hosted by Master Chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler. To celebrate the official opening of the cafe, Thomas created a masterpiece; a handbag completely made of chocolate. It looked like the real thing. I wouldn’t mind owning a bag like that for my collection.

I attended the special event, along with fellow food bloggers and chocolate lovers. I was also lucky enough to bring along Hubby and Deanna. We were treated to an evening of beautiful new season Delice macarons, cake and a fondue to die for.

We happily sat in the corner and helped ourselves to the fondue. To dip into the luscious, silky chocolate fondue were strawberries, pineapple, wafer sticks and soft and delicious chocolate marshmallows. By the end of the night, we were dipping everything in sight into the fondue. It was that good!

Deanna even got the Master Chocolatier Thomas to dip strawberries into the chocolate fondue for her.

A celebration is not complete without a special cake. Thomas created one just for the special occasion.

We were also treated to the new seasonal delice macarons.

Image source: Lindt Australia

Left: Apple Cinnamon: a refreshing taste of green apples balanced with notes of cinnamon and Lindt white chocolate.

Right: Chocolate Banana: the sweetness of banana is balanced with Lindt’s Excellence bitter chocolate.

Deanna was offered a baby hot chocolate by the store manager. Of course, she said yes. See the big smile on her face?

Hubby was also treated to a Hazelnut hot chocolate.

You can visit their new store now to taste the new seasonal delice macarons along with all of their delicious macarons they have on offer. And while you’re there, don’t forget to try their hazelnut hot chocolate. Hubby highly recommends it.

I attended the Lindt launch event courtesy of Entwistle PR and Lindt Australia.

The new Lindt Chocolate Cafe is located at

500 Chapel street, South Yarra.

Tel: (03) 9090 0009

Opening times:

Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 6pm

Friday and Saturday: 10am to midnight

Bon Appetite,



10 thoughts on “Lindt Chocolate Cafe, Chapel Street South Yarra.

  1. Yum!!!

    Shellie gave Hamish some of those Macaroons after you guys ate at Mopho, I didn’t eat the banana ones because I don’t like bananas unless I’m in the Philippines. WEIRD I know! But the apple ones were gorgeous.

    Your little girl – gwapa!!!

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