Mini Lemon Cakes

Hubby and I were addicted to a little show called “Great British Bake off”. A reality tv based show where amateur home bakers competed for the title of Great Britain’s best home baker. This recipe comes from the cook book “The boy who bakes” from Edd Kimber, the winner of the first season.

There are many delicious looking cakes, desserts and sweets that I didn’t know which one to bake first so I gave that task to Hubby. He chose Mini Lemon Cakes.

It was a great choice. I love tart flavours and this cake is just that. The actual cakes have lemon zest then it is poured lemon syrup into it. And just for good measure, it’s topped with lemon glaze.

If you like lemony cakes, you have to try this recipe.


  • 225g unsalted butter at room temperature
  • 225g caster sugar
  • Zest of 2 lemons
  • 125g plain flour
  • 100g ground almonds
  • 4 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 1 tsp lemon extract

For the lemon syrup:

  • Juice of 2 lemons
  • 30g sugar

For the lemon glaze:

  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 100g icing sugar
  1. Preheat oven 160degC fan forced and grease a 12 cup muffin pan.
  2. Using an electric mixer, beat the butter, sugar and lemon zest until light and fluffy.
  3. Sift the flour and almonds into a bowl and set aside.
  4. Add the eggs and lemon extracts to the creamed mixture a little at a time and beat till combined.
  5. Add the flour mixture and mix till just combined.
  6. Pour into the muffin tin and bake for 20-25minutes or until golden.
  7. While the cakes are baking, make the syrup by simmering the lemon and sugar in a small pan until the sugar has dissolved. Set aside.
  8. Remove the cakes from the oven and cool for 5 mins then prick holes in them with a skewer.
  9. Carefully, spoon the syrup onto the cakes.
  10. Allow the cakes to cool a little more then turn out onto wire racks to cool completely.
  11. Make the glaze by mixing the icing sugar and lemon juice. If it’s too runny add more icing sugar.
  12. Turn the cakes upside down (trim off any peaks on top of the cake to make it even) and spoon the glaze over, allowing it to drip down the sides.

Bon Appetite,


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