Kulinarya Cooking Club December 2011: Noche Buena

This month’s theme for the Kulinarya Cooking Club is Noche Buena. A Noche Buena feast in the Philippines is a grand family affair on Christmas eve.


I love a feast. I love a feast even more during Christmas. Typical food that is served up on Christmas eve is lechon (roast suckling pig), pancit (noodles) and hamon (ham). Food seems to be more special during this time of the year, even the most simplest of dishes like barbecued prawns marinated in lemon and lime.  



Growing up in Australia meant that our Christmas is during the Summer. Unlike the white Christmases of our American and English friends, Australians enjoy the balmy evenings standing next the barbeque on Christmas eve. As a Filipino Australian, my love for seafood is doubled. So what better Noche Buena dish to cook than barbequed prawns. I served my prawns with a big bowl of pasta salad, Filipino style.  


There really isn’t a recipe for this as the prawns are simply marinated in lime juice and olive oil for about 30 minutes then barbequed for a couple of minutes on each side. The pasta salad is macaroni with mayonnaise with carrot, corn, pineapple, cucumber and cheese. Yum! I loved these growing up and as an adult, I still love it. No Filipino feast is complete without it.  

I’m looking forward to this year’s Noche Buena at my parent’s house. I know there will be a great feast with my family.


Please check out everyone else from the Kulinara Club cooked up for their Noche Buena feast here.  


Merry Christmas!  


11 thoughts on “Kulinarya Cooking Club December 2011: Noche Buena

  1. Christmas over there will be so interesting because of the weather… I never had spent Christmas that’s balmy… despite the difference of the weather tho, this skewered prawns like make a Noche Buena a magical Christmas dinner. Maligayang pasko!

  2. It’s nice to have seafood amongst a tableful of meat dishes. i will surely aim my attention on that and of course my favourite macaroni salad. We always have that at Christmas. Maligayang pasko, Cherrie!

  3. I’ll have these prawns for any Noche Buena especially barbecued prawns. They are perfectly done. Nice post for Noche Buena, Cherrie. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

    ~ ray ~

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