My Week In Pictures: Jamie and James

This week is all about Jamie and James. The whole week Hubby and I have been cooking dinner from Jamie Oliver’s 30 minutes cookbook. We’ve been getting inspriation from also watching his series that accompanies the book. It’s a great book to get dinner ideas from as there are serveral dishes to complete one meal.

Roast beef with mini yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and braised zucchini.

Piri piri Chicken, dressed potato and Portuguese custard tarts.

We also cooked a pasta dish with sausage and salad. Somehow, I forgot to take a photo of it. Hubby made the frangipani tart. It was sooo good and easy to make that he made it again a couple days later.

We made the rogan josh curry, carrot salad, lemon pickle and yoghurt dip.

Definitely the highlight of the week was a tweet from Jamie Oliver himself. He commented on Hubby’s great effort on the frangipani tarts he made.

On Sunday January15th it was Hubby’s birthday. I surprised him with a delicious cake from Luxbite. It was the stoned Meringue Monster. A cake he called “Best cake of the year” last year. I think it’s still the best cake he’s tasted. Thanks guys at Luxbite.

Bon appetite,


10 thoughts on “My Week In Pictures: Jamie and James

  1. Awesome effort with Jamie’s food (loved your pics on instagram!) I did a woohoo for you guys when I saw Jamie’s tweet on my twitter feed! Inspiring us to try some of his recipes!

  2. Wow Jamie Oliver directed tweeted you!!! OMG i’d be over the moon if he ever tweeted me 🙂 I love all his recipes and his attitude! 🙂

    Great work with all the food it loooks amazing! I haven’t got the 30 min book yet should get it asap~

  3. How awesome that Jamie tweeted you!!

    Happy birthday to James! He most definitely would have had an amazing birthday with that cake! Massive brownie points for you! 🙂

    I’m a bit sceptical that all those meals can be made in 30mins??!

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