Lindt Chocolate Creation Class

Last year hubby and I were lucky enough to attended a Lindt chocolate Creation Class.  The class was hosted by Maitre Chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler, where he teaches you everything about chocolate and we got to decorate our own chocolate blocks and fill in macarons to take home. It was a delicious and informative night full of chocolate tasting and learning. It was a delight to attend.

Upon arrival we were treated to iced chocolate topped with chocolate shards.  Smooth and creamy.

Before starting the class we dug into a chocolate mousse.  It was silky and decadent.
Thomas went through the different stages of the the chocolate process.  From the cocoa pod to the finished product.
We also got to taste a few samples. Delish!
We decorated our own Lindt chocolate blocks with lots of different toppings.
Our finished decorated blocks ready to be taken home.
We also filled and decorated macarons to take home.  They were delicious too!
Lindt Chocolate Creation Class are held monthly at their Chapel street Cafe in Melbourne and Martin place cafe in Sydney.  The cost is $110 per person and bookings are essential as places are limited.
Hubby and I were invited to attend the Chocolate class by Entwistle PR.
Bon Appetite,

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