Yorkshire Brack – Hubby Bakes!

Yorkshire Brack3 OMG! My Hubby baked!  My Hubby is an eater, not a baker. So you can imagine my surprise when he came up with this.  He did a great job and I was so proud of him 🙂 He saw the recipe for Yorkshire brack on “Ade in Britain”, an English cooking show featuring Ade Edmondson.  You’ve would’ve seen him in shows such as “Young ones” and “Bottom”.  He hosted this cooking show which is one of Hubby’s favourites to watch.  Ade travels around Britain learning about local produce and of course, cooking along the way. Yorkshire Brack is a fruit cake with a tea infusion and is usually eaten for afternoon tea with a nice pot of tea but honestly, it can be eaten anytime you like.

Yorkshire Brack2

He decided to make this one day. It’s so easy to make that even a non-baker can make this.  It only has a handful of ingredients and basically everything is thrown into a bowl and mixed together.  The only thing is though, you need to plan ahead as the dried fruit need to soak in tea the night before.  No offense to Hubby, but if he can make this, anyone can. Yorkshire Brack4 I’m not really a fruit cake fan but I have to say, this cake is probably the only one I have enjoyed eating.  It has a treacley, caramely flavour and the sultanas and raisins give it a real sweetness.  You can play with the type of tea you use to give the cake different flavours. Recipe:

  • 150ml of hot tea
  • 454g of mixed dried fruit (sultanas, raisins and currants)
  • 225g self raising flour
  • 175g demerara sugar (can also use raw sugar)
  • 1 egg, beatened
  1. Soak the dried fruit in the hot tea overnight
  2. Next day, Preheat oven to 160degC
  3. Drain the dried fruit into a large bowl and add the rest of the ingredients. Mix well to combine. If mixture is too dry, add another egg and mix.
  4. Spoon the mixture into a prepared loaf tin and bake for approximately for 1 hour or until a skewer comes out clean
  5. Best served warm with butter and a slice of cheese.

Yorkshire Brack5 Bon Appetite, Cherrie


9 thoughts on “Yorkshire Brack – Hubby Bakes!

  1. YAY 🙂 You blogged this recipe I remember seeing it on your Instagram and was really impressed because not many men can bake!!! He did an awesome job and I’m definitely going to make it for my colleagues soon bet they’ll love it!

  2. Used this recepie several times , I leave out a bit of the sugar and exchange for spoon of honey, mix always looks v dry so a splash of milk cures that, today’s batch in the oven

      • Probably too late with this comment – but could I say that usual way is not to drain the mixture, but to include the tea! Didn’t see the Ade Edmondson programme but I live in Yorkshire and go by local recipes! Thank you.

  3. Make this all the time, from the program but we leave it in for 1hr 20 mins on Gas 2 and sometimes we substitute cherries and also at Christmas we add a teaspoon of Cinnamon and mixed spice too.
    Ours also comes up a bit dry but just add a drop more tea, to keep with the recipe.
    Have started doubling the ingredients now as so popular with my lot and a bigger oblong tin. My mum makes it now too and my son’s girlfriends dad does it too.

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